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Regular service Tongmai Huxin Pills 
Health heart through blood vessels

BYT patented product - Tongmai Huxin Pills
The greatest benefit is the reduction and improvement of cardiovascular disease, including the advantages that have not been provided by medical grade products in the past! Tongmai Huxin Pill is formulated with 10 pure herbs. With twenty-five years of history verification, after a few weeks of heart bypass surgery, the scan report showed that the condition has improved! Surgery can be avoided!

Motivation of the Research:

In the practice of traditional Chinese medicine for many years, it is recognized that there are still many defects in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.
After long-term analysis of the causes of cardiovascular disease, and compared with the traditional methods of treating cardiovascular diseases, Tongmai Huxin Pill has solved cardiovascular diseases with more effective, shorter and more direct treatment and treatment.
 The World Health Organization pointed out that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of global life. In 2015, 17.7 million people died of cardiovascular disease. By 2030, the death rate is estimated to reach 23.6 million.
The prevalence of young people is constantly rising...
Coronary heart disease generally narrows blood vessels to more than 70% before they have symptoms. Of every 100 patients with coronary heart disease (CHD), 60 had first-time death from sudden onset.
In a 2000 study, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) surveyed about 43,000 heart patients in the United States, and found that one-third of patients had no heart attack because of heart attack. He was admitted to the hospital and pointed out that the mortality of people with heart disease without chest pain was twice as high as that of people with heart disease. Part of the reason is that the former delayed medical treatment and doctors could not diagnose their condition in time.
Patients with coronary heart disease need to take medications for a long time. If the drugs do not give the best results, they need surgery.

What is atherosclerosis:

Like the rusty water pipes, the human blood vessels will age continuously with age. With age or certain diseases, the deposition of lipids and necrotic tissue on the arterial wall, the loss of smoothness of the intima of the blood vessel, the reduction of arterial elasticity, and the narrowing of the lumen, which in turn cause a decrease in the blood supply of the relevant organs. There are various direct blood supply deficits, and then the corresponding clinical manifestations of organ ischemia. Easy to cause a series of cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial ischemia, angina pectoris, and cerebral infarction.
Clinically, the most common result of atherosclerosis is cardiovascular and cerebrovascular stroke (such as stroke, coronary heart disease), arterial stenosis or occlusion of the lower extremity, limb ischemia (even necrosis), retinal or renal vascular disease caused by the dysfunction of the corresponding organ Wait.
If there are plaques inside the blood vessels, they are compared to the “untime bombs” and “invisible killers” in the human body, and we have been in danger of not knowing. The formation of plaque is a very slow process. Patients often do not have very clear symptoms. However, these secondary lesions caused by the formation of plaques often occur suddenly. Sometimes they can even take people's lives within a few minutes. People are caught off guard.
Early prevention and prevention to avoid tragedies

Introduction of TongMai HuXin Pill:

The treatment provided by Tongmai Huxin Pills is a herbal formulation that specifically targets cardiovascular diseases. The capsules are formulated with ten kinds of pure herbal medicines and are formulated as capsule-type neutral health supplements, which have been verified in the past twenty-five years.
Among them, the selected herbs can improve microcirculatory function, increase blood supply to the heart, and soften the cardiovascular system, and then they can be obtained by extracting their essences according to traditional Chinese medicine ancestors. Numerous examples have shown that after taking the drug for a week before cardiac bypass surgery, the scan report showed a rapid improvement in the condition and was free of surgery. Due to the use of the most natural herbs, there are no other side effects and you can take it with ease.
The Tongmai Huxin Pill, currently launched by the BYT Global Healthcare, is a nemesis for cardiovascular obstruction. Long-term intake of Tongmai Huxin Pills can help the heart through the blood vessels.
Living in today's society, with the world of peace and progress in science and technology, most people have lived comfortably. In this age of well-to-do food, don't ignore the main organ in our body, the heart. With age, heart function also gradually declines. Cardiovascular and microvascular obstruction has become a common problem among humans and has also been regarded as an invisible killer.
The Tongmai HuXin Pill, a cardiovascular blocker, is now available from BYT Global Healthcare. Tongmai Huxin Pill is a capsule-type neutral health product formulated with 10 pure Chinese medicines. Tongmai Huxin Pill has been undergoing a history verification for more than 25 years. Before taking a heart bypass operation, after taking a week, the condition of the scan report is rapidly improved and the operation can be avoided!
Tongmai Huxin Pill is the nemesis of cardiovascular obstruction. This is an indisputable fact.


Note: Pregnant women should not be taken.
Storage: sealed, cool and dry place.


Oral: Three to five pills each time, twice daily.
Colic time: Every time five pills to seven pills, three times a day.
Health care: Second pill, once daily.


Pueraria, licorice, mulberry, codonopsis, alfalfa, turmeric, alfalfa, ginseng, peach kernel, wolfberry fruit


Coronary heart disease Angina, coronary arteriosclerosis, strengthening and improving cardiac function, arrhythmia, delay aging

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