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The company's co-founders Zhang Weiqiang and Zhang Junqian, through their own experience and many years of experience in Chinese medicine treatment, learned that Tongmai Huxin Pills from Zhang family are significant for a series of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as angina pectoris, myocardial ischemia, and cerebral infarction. The therapeutic effect has helped many friends with heart disease and cardiovascular obstruction for more than 25 years. By taking Tongmai Huxin pills, it has restored health and, more importantly, it has eliminated the risks and high costs associated with heart surgery. The so-called life-saving life is better than the construction of the 7th-class floater. Therefore, the Zhang family has always been committed to helping relatives and friends with heart disease and cardiovascular obstruction. All people in the circle feel the efficacy of this formula from the treatment formula. It becomes a must-have for health care because it has the function of clearing blood vessels in addition to its strong heart function.
In a coincidence, he helped a Chinese tycoon. As a matter of fact, the rich had to undergo surgical treatment because of cardiovascular obstruction. He was hesitant to worry about the risk of heart surgery and the condition was becoming less and less optimistic. He was aware of this. After the prescription, boldly tried, after taking a course of this formula, the blood vessel obstruction has already left 30 percent, already does not need to operate, already restored to health now. With his encouragement and reminder, let Zhang realize that this prescription should be promoted and help more needy people.

With this idea in mind, the Zhang brothers began to think about how to promote formulas to benefit more people. It was at that time that after the Shandong company knew the case and efficacy of the rich man, he decided to pay a high price and wanted to buy it out. Formula, but because Zhang Brother insisted that he could not sell the secret recipes of his ancestors, it was decided that Zhang Weiqiang and Zhang Junqian decided to set up BYT Global Healthcare to promote this secret so that more people could be more suitable in the face of heart diseases. The treatment methods, especially for low- and middle-income people, do not have to face high operating costs and high-risk treatment when suffering from heart and cardiovascular obstruction.

Company positioning:
Based on traditional Chinese medicine, we are fully committed to the research and development of health products without side effects and economic benefits, and contribute to the health of society.

Company goals:
Based on Malaysia, we will look to Asia and promote the ancestral mysteries to benefit the general public.
Company Vision:
Become the most medically-friendly health care company in Malaysia and Asia

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